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Teeth Bleaching

Over time, teeth darken. Whether caused by age, medications, illness, or foods like dark greens, beverages like coffee or soda, or due to tobacco use. Studies show that first impressions are largely influenced by a person’s smile and eyes, and when teeth darken, your smile can appear dull.

Having whiter teeth is a common request of most patients young or senior. You may be interested in having your natural teeth lightened, or if you are considering restorative work in the esthetic zone, the bleaching process needs to be sequenced long before the work is finalized.

There are many alternative techniques available to whiten teeth, and we offer a variety of alternatives that will whiten teeth dramatically.

We have a variety of gentle to stronger bleaching solutions for your specific goals. Bleaching can be done gently over weeks or can be achieved in a single visit. Teeth whitening only works on natural tooth enamel, so it’s always important to also evaluate any crown, veneers or fillings in the smile.

Non-prescription over-the-counter products can harm the gums and teeth. Seeing a professional and receiving a more personalized teeth whitening treatment can deliver quicker and more efficient results. Our trained bleaching technicians are skilled and experienced and can meet your needs and challenges.

Those with pending dental work should be done weeks after bleaching. Existing fillings, crowns and veneers may need to be altered after bleaching.