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Dental X-Rays

The office is equipped with the most advanced digital 2D and 3D CBCT X-Ray equipment. The 3-Dimensional Cone Beam is the most advanced in its field, rendering 3-dimensional imaging and advanced diagnosis and delivery of treatment.

Routine X-Rays are essential in providing information that cannot be seen in a clinical exam. We can safely detect hidden abnormalities like: decay between teeth and under restorations, infections, abscesses, cysts, bone loss, developmental abnormalities, abnormalities inside teeth and below the gum line, cancerous and non-cancerous tumors amongst other pathology.

We would be doing patients a disservice and incomplete diagnosis without dental X-rays.



Most patients are concerned about radiation exposure with dental X-Rays. However, there is no need for concern. Not only is our office equipped with the most advanced technology in X-Ray equipment, and the most current in digital sensor technology and CT X-Ray, but the radiation exposure experienced during a dental X-Ray is nothing compared to the background radiation we all receive in the natural environment.

For instance:

  • A bite-wing X-ray series is equivalent to half a day of background radiation.
  • The Panoramic radiograph is equivalent to 1 day of background environmental radiation.
  • The 3-dimensional CT scan exposure is equivalent to 2 to 5 days of environmental radiation exposure.