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Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers

Veneers have the best longevity record of all our ceramic restorations, and will improve your smile dramatically. They are the most conservative of porcelain restorations, and act as a custom contact lens that is permanently bonded to the tooth. The bond is extremely strong and durable.

Dr. Alexander works with modern ceramics and world class master ceramists, making any variation of smile design possible. Matching a single front tooth to natural teeth is undetectable. We pride ourselves with world class cosmetic veneers and our ability to make the most natural beautiful smiles.

Patients participate in their smile design regarding tooth shape, color, and effect. We can best guide you into the outcome you are looking for, but don’t expect chicklet, picket-fence looking veneers, that is not what we do.

All restorations are planned and patients get to approve the outcome prior to final delivery.

Here are the most common indicators for porcelain veneers:

  • Permanently discolored teeth (most common is severe tetracycline staining).
  • Heavily filled, chipped teeth or worn teeth.
  • Teeth that are too small or misshapen (can be made to look normal).